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Eye and Face serum with organic olive oil, cannabis oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, cucumber and olive leaves extract, provitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid that stimulate all the hydration processes of the skin. Bio saccharides, which are contained, enhance firmness and improve the oval of face shape.


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The Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream is specially designed for the eye area. Perfect against dark circles and to prevent and counteract wrinkles. The precious ingredients enhance the production of collagen and elastin and significantly regenerate the delicate area around the eyes.

Active ingredients: Olive Oil,Wild Dictamo, Snail Saliva, bees Wax, Chamomile, Vitamins E,A, F, C, Jojoba,Wheat Germ.

Free of: Parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol, animal origin ingredients & colors

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Get a glowing skin using this innovative product daily. Enriched with the most crucial modern anti-aging natural ingredients. Its deep penetration ability provides rich antioxidants, fights free radicals, boosts collagen and elastin, reduces skin blemishes, regenerates tissues, gives softness and brightness. Instantly absorbed without leaving any trace of greasiness.

Contains: Snail secretion, Vit. E, Argan oil, Olive oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hazelnut oil, Olive Phytessence, Panthenol.

Usage: Skin too much exposed to the sun. Mature and sensitive skin with spots. Lose skins without elasticity.

Free of: Parabens, mineral oils, propylene glycol & colors.

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