Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed (1lt)


Extra Virgin Olive Oil COLD PRESSED
(Koroneiki variety): Extra virgin olive oil is the most natural category of olive oil, rich in flavor and aroma, and an acidity level below 1 degree. It has a strong fruity flavor and aroma of freshly cut olives.

Cold press olive oil is the virgin olive oil which is collected from the extraction of olives without allowing the olive oil to be heated in the oil-press.

Koroneiki is one of the best varieties of olive oil producing olives in Greece. Its olive oil has the intense aroma of the fresh olive and its flavor is rich and exceptional. In addition, this specific olive oil is also rich in valuable elements responsible for protecting our heart and beneficial for our health.

Produser & Bottled By G.KIMIONIS Family
Archontiki Of Rethymno
Contains: 1000ml  –  Acidity: 0-1%
( Unbreakable Plastic Bottle PET )

Suitable for salads,  cooking and frying

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil COLD PRESSED (1lt)Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressed (1lt)

Availability: In stock

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